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Heritage that brings peace of mind

Kavaca Group denotes “ Saviour On Wheels....”.

KAVACA Armoring is among the international market leaders in designated vehicles for military and civilian applications. We design multi-purpose vehicles with versatile designs, configurations and extra features, and offer customized vehicle solutions to suit different terrains and requirements.
Our team of experts is both technically capable and personally responsible. They work until they are satisfied they have found the best solution possible. Then they test to beyond destruction to ensure that it's more than fit for purpose.
We maintain our flexibility and agility by remaining an independent, family owned organization. Yet deliver world class service through our global reach.
Through our work with researchers, scientists, front-line troops, experts and industry leaders we continually explore ways to refine, improve, and bring to market protective products and solutions.

Kavaca Armored Vehicles

    Armored History

    The idea of an armored vehicle predates the invention of the internal combustionengine, it seems. In fact, none other than the multi-talented Leonardo da Vinci made sketches of an armored war vehicle in 1485. It consisted of a circular platform on four wheels with light cannons arranged facing out.
    Armored cars have come a long way in the past century. Next, let's look at what it takes to create a modern armored personal protection vehicle

    CEO's Communique

    “Kavaca armoring is the supreme saviour of human lives and strives to protect citizens from all kind of threats and terrorist acts, involving lethal prohibited weapons and arsenals.

    Safety & security of clients is the sole objective of our existence which we accomplish by establishing international security standards without disturbing the original design and ambience of the vehicle."

    Our Associates

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